Describes the construction materials, methods and finishes used by the manufacturer when building a phone. As with the fashion world, every new season (or phone launch) introduces new or elaborately names colors. Kinda Blue anyone? With the color being influenced in its final appearance by those materials chosen. Each material used has unique properties that are both advantageous and complimentary to the device but often come with limitations. For example, a glass body allows radio waves to pass through and better facilitates wireless charging, but unless utilized properly, could make the phone more fragile. Recent construction trends include the use of aluminium, glass and even ceramics. In order to make the display as resilient as possible, many manufactures use Corning Gorilla Glass.
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The price we show in our Phone Specifications page is for reference information only which is useful for comparison purposes. This price is often the initial launch price of the phone and doesn't take into account any 'offers' or carrier subsidies. Mobile phone prices are dynamic and change every day. We simply can't monitor the prices of the thousands of models in our database, by country, on a daily basis. As a guide, if you want to know the exact price of a phone, please go to the websites listed in the Check Price option on the left-hand side of the Phone Specifications page.